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About Moody National Bank

When Moody National Bank began and how it has progressed.

Galveston Texas Moody National BankMoody National Bank, formerly the City National Bank, received its charter from The Comptroller of the Currency in 1907.

The City National Bank began operating in leased facilities in the Trust Building at 2228 Avenue E. The Bank was later relocated to a building on the corner of Tremont and Market Street until 1920.

In 1920 a new bank was built at 2219 Market Street. This building is now occupied by the Galveston County Museum. In 1962 a need for more space was felt and a new bank facility was constructed at 2302 Post Office, the present location of Moody National Bank.

In 1927, the City National Bank was granted trust powers, but full Trust Operations began in 1928. Today the Bank's Trust Department is one of the largest and oldest in our state.

invest-texas-lifeDuring its early growth and expansion, the City National Bank merged with the Galveston National Bank and continued to experience growth over the years. In honor of the Bank's principal founder, the late W.L. Moody, Jr., the City National Bank changed its name in 1953 to Moody National Bank.

Mr. W.L. Moody, Jr. who founded the Bank, was a prominent Galveston Financier and served as President until his death in 1954. Mrs. Mary Moody Northern succeeded her father as the President and Chairman of the Board. Cary T. Mayfield and Thomas L. Mayfield served as President of the Bank from the 1960's to the 1980's. In 1988, Robert L. Moody began serving as President and Chairman of the Board with Walter L. Syers serving as the Bank's Chief Operating Officer. In August, 1993, Syers was appointed president and served until mid 2000. Victor R. Pierson was elected president in 2000 and currently serves in this capacity as well as being on the Board of Directors.

The bank currently has 21 locations and continues to expand in Galveston, Brazoria, and Southern Harris County.

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